Who we are at Impact-aha Awards?

We are a committed team of 'Scientists for Sustainability' collaborating with and within SDGLabs.ai AB. All our awards commit to measure 'authentic impact' which we define as adhering to our six I M P A C T Principles:

  1. Intentionality: Only intentional actors get shortlisted in the respective categories. We rather drop a category than shortlisting actors without any sign of impact intentionality.
  2. Measurability: Shortlisting for all awards is done based on a measurable, meaningful metric such as the reduction in CO2e emissions or the power that female top executives hold among all top executives as proxied by the top executives' employee share ownership.
  3. Potential scalability: Narratives of great impact case studies can leave 'awesome' impressions when told to individuals but they are only meaningful to our shared planet if the underlying impact process has at least some potential to be scalable.
  4. Additionality: Impact needs Change. Change needs Substantiation. Without continuous impact monitoring through and beyond projects, the Substantiation of Impact is unlikely to be accomplished. We use the very best of our Financial Data Science capabilities plus views from expert judges to award best practice Additionality and monitor continuously.
  5. Conflict of interest free: Our awards are not sponsor-able by potential awardees and do not allow for alternative Pay2Play schemes. We are fully committed to supporting Conflict-Free Capitalism.
  6. Timeliness: Impact related dataset such as CO2e emissions or even gender diversity can often be quite outdated with fresher information being available online for hundred days or more. Data deteriorates pretty much as food does some types faster than others but most of us are unlikely to appreciate food that was fresh a long time ago. Hence, we commit to only using any type of data (e.g. numeric, textual or otherwise), if the data was last updated within 500 hours.

Wanna support us in some way, as judge or otherwise? You can reach us and our professional team via info [at] sdglabs.ai.

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